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  • New product updated in Jan 2011Date:2018-04-14
    In the last 3 month, We had developed 3 styles of new product as below,

    1. Portable mini pipe

    Novelty product for:
    1.Inspection camera for home using and piping inspection,
    2.Car repair, machine examination, pest control, industrial, fire-fighting, rescue, and etc

    2. Underwater monitor system

    Novelty product for:
    1.Underwater cultivation.
    2.Underwater project, acceptance of works
    3.Dive and explore
    4.Inspection of shaft bottom
    6.Underwater archaeology
    7.Underwater inspection

    3. Portable mini DVR

    Novelty product for:
    1.Evidence collection for police and lawyer.
    2.Vedio recording during teaching or scientific reserch
    3.Party shooting, Journey photographing, interview recording, etc