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Intelligence Smart AI BSD Camera with Blind Spot Detection


Product Introduction:

Blind spot Camera,What Is Blind spot?Best Blind spot Mirrors

BSD is an automotive AI blind spot detection camera. It supports 12-24V wide voltage input and is suitable for most vehicles. It has a built-in blind spot detection algorithm. It is mainly used to detect people and vehicles approaching the detection area during vehicle driving, and effectively predict pedestrians on the right side. The danger of collision can realize two-way sound and light warning for drivers and pedestrians, avoiding pedestrian and vehicle accidents to the greatest extent. The alarm protocol can be output through IO alarm output or serial port RS485, and it can be linked with MDVR or sound and light alarm.

Blindspot detection (BSD) is a sensor-based safety feature that detects obstacles& pedestrians around the vehicles. The blindspot is caused because of passengers sitting inside the vehicle, window pilars, incorrect arrangements of rear viewing mirrors, and headrests. The system warns the driver about any obstacle which is not in the viewing range of the driver. The warning generated can be in various forms such as vibrating of steering, a small pulsating sound inside the driver's cabin &flashing of light on the infotainment screen or on the instrument cluster. The system also provides the driver with cross- traffic alert and help to avoid the collision. BSD uses ultrasonic RADAR & camera-based technology to detect any obstacle nearing the vehicle. If the sensor detects an obstacle nearing the vehicle, it alerts the driver, if the driver fails to maintain the distance between the obstacle and vehicle, the system automatically steers the vehicle away from the approaching object.

Product Technical specification




ARM Cortex A7




1/3” CMOS AHD 720P



TV Type


Effective video Resolution

1080HX 720V

Effect photo Resolution

1.3 M pixels

Vertical sync frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Minimum illumination


Video output

1.0vp-p, 75Ω



S/N Ratio

More than 50dB

White Balance




Optical Lens

2.8mm F = 2.0

Lens of FOV


Night Vision

Starlight Good Night Vision



Built-in program

BSD Program

Alarm Interface

1 channel IO Alarm Output5V)

Serial port


Video interface

4P Aviation head




DC 12V-36V Wide Voltage (±10%

Waterproof Grade


Working Temp

40°C~70°C , RH95 MAX

Storage Temp

30°C~80°CRH95 MAX


The BSD car camera has a waterproof and anti-shake design that can reach IP68 waterproof level. It is mainly used for blind spot detection of special vehicles to assist drivers in driving safety.

Market application: suitable for all kinds of large vehicles, can be docked with departmental standard machines, sound and light alarms


Product Application

1, Blind Spot Camera For Heavy Equipment,Port Harbor Crane, Tower Crane, Container Stacker Crane Equipment, Material Handler, Excavator, Wheel loader,Crusher, Off-highway truck,

Bulldozer, Vibratory Soil Compactor,Skid steer loader,Backhoe loader and other construction machinery, Telehandler,Crane Truck

2, AI Camera With BSD For Fork-lifts, Electric forklift,Reach truck,VNA Truck, Counterbalance Truck,Reach Stacker,Empty Container Handler, Sideloader,Telehandler

3, Aftermarket BSD Camera For Semi trucks, Commercial Truck,Tanker truck,Transport Logistics vehicles, Trailer, VAN,Articulated dump truck,Rigid truck, Truck-trailer combination, Longer Heavier Vehicles, Bulk truck, Container- / hooklift truck,Tipper truck, trailers and towed machines, Tipper, Skip Lorry, Sweeper,Hooklift,Quarry Dumper


FAQ  Questions and answer

1, Is Blind Spot Monitoring worth it?

To us, blind spot monitors make a lot of sense if you're in a big vehicle, if your car has larger-than-usual blind spots, if you can be easily distracted by kids, or if you spend a lot of time driving at high speeds on the highway.

Recently we also launch All in one DMS+BSD+DVR and AI Camera with BSD


2, Do blind spot mirrors really work?

A: Yes, they are. When you install the correct size for your side mirror and know how to use it, it will help you maintain road safety. A blind spot mirror enhances the effectiveness of a side mirror by allowing you to see the blind spotsMeanwhile if your truck or bus have been equipped with Blind Spot Camera, which will make you more release and receive related notice easier, more safety!


3, How do you check your blind spot while driving?

Anytime you're changing lanes or merging, you'll want to check for any car blind spots in your driver view first. Flip on your turn signal to let other cars know you'll be moving over, and check your rear mirrors and side car mirrors. Finally, you'll want to do a quick shoulder check one last time.

Now you install our BSD Camera and connect with your Mobile DVR, You can receive alarm or voice remind fastly and easily than without


4,  When should you check your blind spots?

Check your blind spots when moving left or right - for example, when changing lanes. Also, remember to take extra care on busier roads where it's more likely that a pedestrian, cyclist or car could slip into your blind spots.


5,  What is the largest blind spot on your vehicle?

Your largest blind spots are usually located on both sides of your vehicle, towards the back — but other blind spots occur when your view is blocked by your windshield pillars, rear- or side-view mirrors, headrests, passengers, or that dining table you're transporting


6. What is a truck's blind spot called?

No Zones

truck's blind spots are called No Zones. A No Zone is the area around the trucks where your car is no longer visible or you are so close that the truck can't stop or maneuver safely. In both cases, when you are in a No Zone you are in much greater danger of getting into a collision.


7,What is blind spot in camera?
Image result for blind spot camera
The 'dead zone' or blind spot of a camera is the area under the camera where the camera cannot view the ground and must be considered during CCTV system design. Camera positioning should be such that the dead zone of one camera is covered by another camera's field of view.Jul 9, 2019

8.How much does it cost to install blind spot camera?
There are several variables determining the installation cost of an after-market blind-spot monitoring system. Location, the sophistication of the kit, and so forth. You can buy a kit for as little as $300. Expect the actual installation cost to be at least another $200.Nov 1, 2021

9. BSD Blind Spot Detection

1:BSD blind spot detection category: pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, electric bicycles, tricycles, and other traffic participants that can be seen the contours of the human body), can be installed in front, sides and back.

BSD blind spot detection range:
When the vehicle is going straight
1)detection area: the right side of the vehicle lateral distance 10 meters,from the camera installation position forward longitudinal distance of 20 meters.

2)Warning area: the right side of the vehicle lateral distance 0.8m(configurable,not more than 10m),from the camera installation position forward longitudinal distance 15m
(Configurable, not more than 20m)

When the vehicle is turning right
1) detection area: the right side of the vehicle lateral distance 10 meters,from the camera installation position forward longitudinal distance of 20 meters.

2)Warning area: the right side of the vehicle lateral distance 4m(configurable,not more than 10m),from the camera installation position forward longitudinal distance 15m
(Configurable, not more than 20m)

The system can work at vehicle speed 0 to 60km/h,alarm range: 5 to 50km/h (configurable)
Illumination (>10 lux) can work normally, alarm accuracy >99% based on leakage rate <5%, static distance measurement error less than 5%.


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