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Wireless Forklift Safety Camera Systems With Recorder

7 inch digital Wireless monitor, with DVR recording, at most 4 Forklift Cameras, AHD720P video, with Big Capacity Power Bank, no need installment

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Famous Fork Truck wireless monitoring system with forklift safety vision DVR


Product Name: AHD720P 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Forklift Camera System 4 Channel 7 Inch AHD Monitor and Waterproof AHD 720p Front View Magnetic Forklift Camera for Forklift/Reach Forklifts

Product Feature of Forklift Dash Cam

(1) 2.4G Digital Wireless Auto Pairing Technology

Powered on both 7 Inch AHD LCD monitor and forklift camera by automotive battery or vehicle electrical system. After that monitor and camera will be matched automatically of 2.4G wireless signal. This 2.4G digital wireless technology equipped with good encryption, anti-channeling interference, high image resolution. Makes it better than ordinary analog wireless systems.

(2) Wide Power Supply & AHD High Definition

Wireless AHD forklift camera system supports DC12V-32V wide power input. Upgraded 2.4G wireless camera at high definition 720P.High quality image make your driving and reversing safer so that avoiding accidents.

(3) Wide Power Supply & AHD High Definition

Wireless AHD forklift camera system supports DC12V-32V wide power input. Upgraded 2.4G wireless camera at high definition 720P.High quality image make your driving and reversing safer so that avoiding accidents.

Forklift truck Camera And Monitor Systems

Novel Revolutionary Camera System designed specifically for forklifts gives entrepreneurs and business leaders the peace of mind they need for the security of their warehouse merchandise.


Operating the handling equipment needs a lot of concentration and precision. Even though you are experience and skilful, when it's up high, your vision is limited from the cabin. In this situation, safety and productivity is compromised.

Introducing this Forklift Camera Recorder that always assist your vision and judgement with high resolution camera and laser beam guidance. You will never miss your manuovre ever from now.

Forklifts are cumbersome accident-prone devices with poor visibility; with the innovative two-camera system of our design, operating a forklift is as easy as riding a bike.

The system is designed to give forklift operators 100% clear vision 360 degrees all around.

The way it works is that the Camera System relies on one camera installed on the fork allowing the forklift operator to see from the perspective of the lift, which is particularly useful for bulky cargo to be stored or lowered from high places in a warehouse, and a rear-view camera that provides guiding directions (much like the systems found in contemporary production cars).

Product Specification of Safety Video Camera Systems For Forklifts

A, Suitable for most forklifts, reach trucks and lifting equipment

B, Waterproof camera and laser beam guide line for safest operation

C, Stainless steel camera body

D, Live view on 7" LCD screen (optional waterproof type available)

E, Rechargeable battery pack for mobile power

360 degree Forklift Camera System Includes: forklift carriage mounted camera with durable aluminum Camera Holder, 7 Inches Quad-View Monitor (which has 4 channels and record function using an SD Card, and a trigger to activate reverse camera), backup cameras for forklifts, and Magnetic Battery Pack.


Questions and Answer:

1, Do forklifts have cameras?

The wireless camera can be mounted on the back of the forklift as a back-up camera, on the overhead guard, or on the carriage so the driver can see where the forks are lining up with the pallet. Up to four cameras can be displayed on a single monitor for when additional views are needed. So  Forklift Blind Spot Cameras is very important and necessary for operator now

2, how many pieces wireless camera I can work with this Forklift Camera System?

Usually Mostly Customers choose 1-2 wireless Backup Camera,  of course this system can work with at most 4 cameras, therefore you can record everything video from front/rear/left and right, 360 degree around surround safety vision.


Product Application:

FTCS (Forklift Truck Camera System or named Forklift Truck Safety Systems) is specially designed camera system for Forklift Operators.

7inch DVR Wireless Safety vision camera system for forklift, reach truck and other handling equipment

1, Forklift Dash Camera Recorder system can work with mostly famous brands Forklift like Hangcha, Toyota Forklift, Heli, Linde, HANGCHA, LONKING, TOYOTA, HYSTER, LIUGONG, DALIAN FORKLIFT, JUNGHEINRICH, NOBLIFT, SANY Forklift etc

2, IT can apply for Toyota Forklifts, IC Cushion Tire Forklifts, IC Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Electric Forklifts, Electric Pallet Jacks and Stackers, Reach Trucks, Forklift Truck etc


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